Leeds Mistress V

I expect complete and utter devotion from My Slaves.

You will enjoy the dominance and humilation that I can hand out to you. Fulfil your fantasies and wildest dreams.

I can be both sadistic and sensual depending on my mood. I love having slaves under my control to please my every whim and bend to my will.

I will create an excitment that will make your body tingle with pleasure; an experience that you will never forget!

I am a Mistress with an exquisite, slim, silky soft body and a sharp kinky mind. If you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind, I will understand your deep wishes and can role-play them with you.

I love acting and performing, but the beauty of my profession is that I can do it with real passion so I do not have to act: it comes naturally to me as I enjoy every aspect of it, and you will sense this when you are with me. I perform at both a personal and professional level, and take pleasure in exploring and becoming a part of your fetishes and desires. Remember that no session is ever the same as another.

If you feel your true place in life is being submissive to an erotic Leeds Mistress whom you wish to please and serve well then you may be considered worthy of my attention.

I see submissives of any gender. I also see respectful fetishists who have particular fetishes but who are not necessarily submissive.